Winter Must haves

The change in seasons has well and truly made itself apparent in these past few weeks. Whether that be crisp mornings and de-icing the cars or soggy socks after we come in from a walk. Winter can be a tough time for many people however our four-legged friends often know exactly how to cheer us up and put a little spring in our step. Taking a walk with them can do just that, not to mention it being incredibly beneficial for our mental and physical health. Some of the products listed below may make those walks a little bit comfier, easier and cleaner. I hope you enjoy!

Please note, on any purchases you make using the links listed below, Amazon may pay me a small percentage at no extra cost to yourself. It's a super easy way to help support small businesses survive these uncertain times. I hope you enjoy!

Ruff and Tumble Range

Some dogs LOVE being towel dried after their walk, others hate it but either way, the Ruff and Tumble range has something for you. They're all designed for minimal effort on our part so whatever your dog's natural behaviour is after their walk, you can ensure they're warm and dry without upsetting them. I personally love the coat, you just pop it on them and leave them to it, it'll dry them as they move!

Hunter LED Collar Attachment

Now the dark nights are here it's vital to keep our dogs safe by making them seen for everybody's well being. I love these Hunter LED Collar Attachments and I know many of you do too because of how bright they are. They're available in our online shop now.

Mud Daddy

The Mud Daddy range is very well known and rightly so! If your dog loves getting filthy, rolling in muddy puddles and frankly, you just don't want to ruin their fun, this is the product for you! Fill it with water and keep it in the car or on your door step and hose them down at the end of the walk. It even has a built in brush for those tougher bits! I'd recommend using this along side the Mud Daddy detangling brush for long hair dogs and those with double or curly coats to avoid matting until you can get home and groom them properly with the appropriate tools and brushes.

Car Hammock

Spare your back seats of the mud baths and save a penny or two on the valets with this car hammock. It's 100% waterproof and even has plenty of pockets and pouches to store spare leads, collars, balls or bags ( Maybe even a cheeky treat if they've been extra good!)


I cannot tell you how high of a priority it is for me to have good strong footwear when walking the dogs. Soggy feet is an incredibly quick way to ruin a good walk and no one wants that!

Coats, Coats, Coats!

I have had first hand experience with all of these coats which is why I will happily highly recommend all of them. They just make life so much easier and save us a great deal of time when we're cleaning and drying our dogs.

Torch Attachment

Light the way with this handy torch which slots straight into the Alcott Retractable Lead Luggage Bag. Both are available on our online store now!


We must look after ourselves too and keep warm on these chilly walks. These flasks are super stylish and practical, perfect for bringing along your coffee, hot chocolate or cuppa.

Ball launcher

Now I've worked with dogs for pretty much my entire working life so I'll spare you the details of some of the more stomach-churning things I've witnessed, but believe me when I say I understand dogs can sometimes be pretty gross! Sometimes we just don't want to touch their slobbery, sticky ball that's been dropped in mud, sludge and god knows what else which is where a ball launcher comes in handy. Spare your hands the ickiness and icy nip of the winter air with this ball launcher and give your dog a really good run - they'll love you for it!

I hope that's been helpful and you've found some products that you'll come to love. Tell me which one was your favourite in the comments below along with any issues your facing at the moment. I look forward to hearing from you!

Stay happy and healthy, Beth x

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