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Hellooo Hello, and welcome to our brand spanking new, News and Updates page! Here, you'll find all of our latest announcements, offers, competitions and all thing Bounding Hounds related. Have a mooch around and see what tickles your fancy!


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Just A Quick One...

Evening All! I hope everyone is keeping happy and healthy. I just wanted to drop everyone a message to let you know the time I'll be taking off over the Christmas and any upcoming holidays. Given tha

Let's get ready to rumble!

I am so happy to finally announce I will be back up and running on Monday 18th May. I cannot tell you just how much I've missed all of you and taking care of your furbabies! There's definitely going t


Happy Weekend all, I hope everyone is keeping well, happy and healthy through these difficult times. Before I say anything, I first want to begin by sending the biggest thank you I can to all those