The Christmas Closure Catch

Well here it is! I'm sure like many of those amongst us, I too can hardly believe that Christmas is nearly upon us and 2018 will be a thing of the past. What a crazy year it has been I know I've met some of my now-favourite people along the way including you lovely bunch but all soppiness and sentimentality aside, let's get down to the blueprints of the coming weeks. I'm pleased to say that between myself and Nicky, we will be up and running (quite literally) continuously over the Christmas and New Year period including Christmas Day and New Years Day. Timings and pricing will be altered (see below) but should you be away visiting family we want you to enjoy your stay without having to worry if the dogs chewing your carpet back home! Alterations are as follows: 24th Dec LIMITED AVAILABILITY Normal Hours £30 / hour 25th Dec LIMITED AVAILABILITY 11am - 3pm £30 / hour 26th Dec LIMITED AVAILABILITY Normal Hours £30 / Hour 27th - 30th Dec LIMITED AVAILABILITY Normal Hours Standard Pricing 31st Dec LIMITED AVAILABILITY Normal Hours £30 / Hour 1st Jan LIMITED AVAILABILITY Normal Hours £30 / Hour 2nd Jan Back to normality... until next year! Please note that all normal bookings have been cleared for this week and the only bookings that remain are those that have been specifically requested for these dates. If you're unsure please just ask! Due to the limited availability, we also want to stress to BOOK IN ADVANCE to avoid disappointment and secure your slot. On a final note, we would just like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Bounding Hounds family to yours! Love and Licks, Bounding Hounds xx


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