The Best Boredom Busters your dog needs

How many times have you come home to find your living room dusted with the contents of your favourite pillow? Or that new pair of shoes you've just bought, in fragments around the house? Perhaps even the new bed you've bought your dog for the gazillionth time is yet again ripped to shreds and all you're met with is a pair of guilty eyes looking up at you oh so innocently. If this sounds remotely familiar then I might just have something for you. It's so incredibly important to be exercising our dogs brains as well as their bodies! It provides them with a whole new level of stimulation, helping them use all of the pent up energy that walking alone simply won't touch. Brain teasers and puzzle toys are an amazing tool to access this hidden vault of energy and can therefore help with an array of issues we may be dealing with from destruction and anxiety all the way to becoming a training aid for teaching things such as 'Calm' and 'Settle'. Hopefully some of the products listed below will become your new best friend for making dog life that little bit easier. Please note, on any purchases you make using the links listed below, Amazon may pay me a small percentage at no extra cost to yourself. It's a super easy way to help support small businesses survive these uncertain times. I hope you enjoy!


Now, this may seem like a basic, but I cannot tell you how much I LOVE Kongs. In my opinion, they should be a staple in every dog-owning home. They're so versatile and can keep your dog entertained for hours. Just stuff them with your dog's favourite treats and let them at it. I personally like to fill these with pastes and spreads such as the Arden Grange Liver Paste or even Dog-Friendly Peanut Butter to keep them occupied for longer but biscuits work just fine too! Top-Tip: You can also freeze stuffed Kongs to increase the challenge and extend their play time, as a cool treat on warmer days and also to sooth teething puppies.

Snuffle Matt

The concept of Snuffle Matts is just amazing! If your dog loves sniffing through long grass I'm sure they would just love these too. Designed to encourage natural foraging, scatter small biscuits inside to get your dog sniffing and using their brain.

Dog Activity

The Dog Activity by Trixie is a brilliant tool to trigger the curiosity in your dog and get them sniffing and thinking. It has a bunch of different compartments and pockets that all open uniquely to hide tasty snacks in. This really is a challenge for your dog so why not test their intelligence?


The Lickimat is also another brilliant addition to your dog's play pen and an incredible way to help calm your dog when training them to settle. Spread some tasty pastes such as a Dog-Friendly Peanut Butter or Arden Grange Liver Paste over the grooves and watch them stay occupied for hours!

I hope I've been able to offer some useful tips, tricks and advice in this post! Let me know in the comments below which one was your favourite or any hurdles you're facing at the moment.

Stay happy and healthy, Beth x

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