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I am so happy to finally announce I will be back up and running on Monday 18th May. I cannot tell you just how much I've missed all of you and taking care of your furbabies! There's definitely going to be some emotional reunions in the weeks to come. Though I am absolutely over the moon to be starting once more, I still believe it may take some time to be back to the place I left off at in March, due to the changes I've had to implement to run business safely, and extra hygienically, in addition to now operating business alone. The coming weeks will entail a lot of trial and error and demand communication between us all as a community so as I can deliver the best service to you as I always strive to do. I know I don't even need to ask for your cooperation, as I've said time and time again, the support I receive from you as a collective group never fails to overwhelm me and truly is the backbone of Bounding Hounds so once again, thank you. It means the absolute world to me!

I have been keeping up-to-date with the Canine and Feline Sector Group announcements which have been outlining the government guidelines specifically for the animal care industry. All of the changes you will see over the coming weeks are outlined in their guides in addition to practices I choose to implement myself for good measure. The safety and welfare of all of you, your dogs and your families is of highest priority and therefore no corners will be cut as I restart business. You can read through their advice at www.cfsg.org.uk.

What we know about this virus so far is very limited however the following measures are on the basis of a) Dogs can not be infected or transmit the virus b) The virus can however live in their coat just as it would on any other surface such as our hands or a door handle. For these reasons the following practices will be carried out in the weeks to come.

Priority for essential workers and vulnerable people.

It is outlined by CFSG that priority should and therefore will be given to homes of essential workers and those who fall under the vulnerable group or who are self isolating. Should you feel you are one of these people, please notify me as soon as possible. Due to the sporadic and unpredictable nature of the current climate I have shortened the advanced booking from 3 months to 1 month so as, if and when changes come, the impact on your bookings can be minimised. If you feel you fall under this group and know you will need a walk beyond this time frame, please contact me directly and I will book you in manually.

One - to - One and Group walks.

For the time being, I will only be taking dogs out from the same household at any given time so as to reduce the risk of potential cross contamination or spread of the virus from one household to the next. As soon as the guidelines change and I feel it is safe and practical to do so I will eventually change the schedule so as to incorporate group walks into the middle chunk of the day. More info will be given on this when the time comes around.

Cleaning procedures.

In addition to shortening the advanced booking period, one of the other changes you may notice on the booking system is the extension of time between walks. This has been extended from 15 Minutes to 30 minutes to allow time to carry out thorough cleaning procedures between dogs. Inevitably, this will mean that there will be less time for walks and therefore fewer dogs per day. You can help me help you by primarily determining whether you believe the walk booked is necessary in relation to my first point on priority and secondly, when booking, select a time closest to the next available time slot so as to reduce gaps.

In addition to this and outlined by CFSG, each dog will be wiped down before and after every walk with a damp cloth. I will also be using a pet-safe, highly effective anti-septic spray called Leucillin which you can read about here www.leucillin.co.uk . If you decide you would rather I not use the spray on your dog, please do let me know, though I would highly recommend we keep it in practice for the safety of all of us.

Previous Bookings Due to the great deal of changes that I have had to make, if you had any future bookings in place, please assume that they have been cancelled unless I have already been in contact with you. The nature of the current climate means that everyone will be returning to their normality at different times and therefore I decided it would be best as I restart business to begin with a blank canvas. I will always do my best to ensure everyone has their preferred time slot when the time comes around but as discussed, the coming weeks will entail a lot of trial and error and I just hope we can all work together until we are back to the place we once were.

On a final note, thank you once more for all of your ongoing support. As always please feel free to contact me with any further questions and I will get back to you over the weekend. The online booking system is now reopened to take new bookings for the next month. I cannot wait to catch up with you all and for some long over-due furry cuddles! Speak soon, Beth x

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