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Happy Sunday all! Here's a couple of updates and some changes you may see over the coming weeks. Late Afternoon into Evening Walks. With the clocks going back, word of snow on its way and the dark nights drawing in, winter is well and truly here ( which means Chr***mas is just around the corner!). In the interest of safety, we'll be introducing a winter timetable as of 11/11/19 which may affect some walks that have already been booked. Having tried to work around this, and figure out a sensible way to carry out walks with the dark nights upon us, it's proving more and more challenging as the nights get darker and darker and it would be irresponsible of us and ultimately unsafe to try and continue. We are still more than happy to see to your furry friends into the later hours of the day however, after 4pm or when the sun begins to set, we will continue our services with either house play or in a secured garden. Any further queries on the matter, please don't hesitate to ask! Scrub-a-dub-dub On the same note as changing seasons, we've reluctantly come to terms with the fact that we've had to wave goodbye to the blue skies and green grass (at least until next year) and come to accept the fact it's getting a little mucky out there! We always endeavour to return your pooch as clean as we found them however, one or two muddy puddles into our day can deem the towels we carry somewhat useless. We are most happy to clean your pup up after their walk if you wish to leave a towel out for us (just let us know where) or, if you're particularly worried, we can alter their walk to something a little less muddy to something like a roadwalk instead - again just let us know! Cancellations As some of you are aware, due to high demand it's not as easy as it once was to grab your first choice of time slots and advanced booking is highly recommended to avoid disappointment. With this change, we've also begun to see a higher rate of late cancellations on walks which often means that time slots have gone to waste where someone may have been in need of them. We understand circumstances can sometimes change last minute however, in effort to try and utilise our availability so as to help as many people as we can, as of 18/11/19 we are reluctantly introducing cancellation fees in effort to try and resolve this. They will be as follows Cancellation within 3 days of walk date : £5 Example: If your walk is booked in on the Friday, you must notify us before Wednesday to allow enough time for another customer to book your time slot and avoid cancellation fees. Cancellation within 24 hrs of Walk: Full price Example: If your walk is booked for 4pm Friday, you must notify us before 4pm on Thursday. This is because bookings are not taken within the 24 hour time frame and therefore that time slot cannot be reused. Hopefully with some communication and a little bit of teamwork, we can avoid cancellation fees altogether! Doggy Daycare Yes, it is still underway... no, not as soon as we would have liked! For those of you who have been with us from the beginning, you will be aware that we are desperately trying to set up a doggy daycare service for all of your furry friends to come and play together. We began the process at the beginning of this year in February however have faced many unforeseen hurdles along the way which has resulted in us still fighting our case for planning permission to be granted today. It has taken much longer than originally anticipated and it saddens me to say that the end is not yet in sight but nonetheless it is still very much a work in progress and hasn't been forgotten about. As soon as we have any news to report, we will let you know! Thank you all for your ongoing support and have a lovely week ahead!

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