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Evening All! I hope everyone is keeping happy and healthy. I just wanted to drop everyone a message to let you know the time I'll be taking off over the Christmas and any upcoming holidays. Given that I am now working alone, no walks, pet sits or home visits will take place during this time. These dates are as follows Friday 18th September - 27th September. Walks will resume on Monday 28th September. Friday 18th December - 3rd January. Walks will resume on Monday 4th January.

Secondly, I just wanted to thank everyone for such a positive response to the announcements of the group walks, I'm so excited to get started! For the time being, the group walk will consist of a maximum of 4 dogs approximately around 12:30pm, Monday - Friday. The group sessions will be offered at the same rate as an hourly walk at £15 / session or £125 for 10 (on the basis of 1 dog) and therefore can be interchanged with hourly 1-1 walks which will still take place either end of the day. Priority will be given to those who want to book on certain days each week i.e every Monday and Thursday and any remaining slots will be offered out afterwards, or you can contact me directly for availability. Wednesdays are already fully booked for the foreseeable. As previously discussed, this is a new venture which will inevitably entail a lot of trial and error and so, as always, I invite all of you to send your feedback my way so as I can always provide you and your pup with the best service. Should the group sessions prove successful and there is a greater demand for them, I will endeavour to host more and more with of course, day care being the end goal. Do let me know if you are interested in your pooch partaking in these sessions and I'll do my very best to get you all booked in. And finally, a massive thank you once more to all of you for your ongoing support. I couldn't do what I love every day without it! Beth X

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