Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of our lovely customers past present and future. I hope everyone has had a magical christmas, spent some time with your loved ones and eaten waayyy too much food! We have been absolutely spoilt this year with cards and gifts and well wishes from you all so thank you so so much, I can't tell you how much it is appreciated! As some of you may have already noticed, there have been some slight changes over the past few weeks and a couple more still to come. Details of which are listed below: Business Hours If you have booked a walk with us recently, you may have noticed a difference to our business hours. They have been altered to Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm. Please remember that our winter timetable is still in force so sessions between 4pm and 5pm may take place in the house or garden due to the dark nights. Should you need to book in outside of these hours, we're more than happy to do so however bookings will be taken on request and at a surcharge (see below). All current weekend or evening bookings are still in place and will be charged by the rate at the time of booking. New Price List We'll be introducing a new price list commencing on Saturday the 1st Feb. Any packages bought prior to this, at the previous price will expire on Saturday 15th March. The new price list is as follows: One Dog 30 minutes - £11 1 Hour - £15 Packages 10 x 30 minutes - £95 10 x 1 hour - £125 Two Dogs 30 minutes - £16 1 Hour - £21 Packages 10 x 30 £130 10 X 1 hour - £170 Weekend, evening and 'out of hours' walks will be charged at a flat rate of 30 Minutes - £18 1 hour - £25 Pet Sitting Day Rate of £30 Overnight ( 4pm - 12pm the following day) £35 Any queries please just get in touch! Towels We've had some right laughs giving your pooches a scrub down after their walks these past few weeks - they love it and have had us in stitches! Through the remainder of the bad weather we ask for you to continue leaving us a towel out so when you come home, you're greeted by a not-so mucky pup. Timings Just a reminder to say that the timings of all bookings are approximate as no two days are the same for us! We never know what's going to happen, whether a dog falls ill, we run over on a walk, how the traffic is going to treat us that day amongst many other things so although we always do our best to reach your pup on time, please allow some leeway either side of your time slot. As always thank you so much to all of you for allowing us to do what we love day in day out. Wishing you all the best for 2020, Beth x


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