Surviving The Firework season

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

It's that time of year again where the nights are drawing in, there's a cold crisp in the air and a certain smell that lingers of a nighttime, and whilst for us that may bring with it a sense of coziness at the thought of sitting in front of a fire with a cup of warm hot chocolate in our favourite pajamas and woolly socks, I know for many of you it brings a sense of dread with the knowledge that your relaxed evenings are inevitably going to soon be punctured with the loud bangs of fireworks often sending our fur babies into an anxious frenzy or quivering in the bathtub. Unfortunately, as ideal as it may be, we can't simply put a stop to people setting off fireworks. I'm sure if that was an option, someone would have done it by now. We can however equip ourselves with certain tools, gadgets and techniques to make surviving the firework season that little bit easier. It's important to mention what might work for one dog may not work for the next and it truly is a case of trial and error for finding what works for your pet. Hopefully I can help point you in the right directions to finding what works for you!

Please note, on any purchases you make using the links listed below, Amazon may pay me a small percentage at no extra cost to yourself. It's a super easy and free way to help support small businesses survive these uncertain times. I hope you enjoy! Adaptil.

Adaptil is a well-known brand, recommended by vets and with nearly 2500 5 star reviews, you can understand why. I love their plug in primarily because there are no nasty chemicals or drugs with a long list of side effects involved. It simply mimics the release of the same pheromone mum releases to calm her litter. Not to mention, it's non-invasive and easy to install. Similarly, their on-the-go collar just clips on and you're set, so even if your dog does chose to hide away, the calming effects will follow them wherever they go.

Comfort Zone Calming Vest.

Let's be honest for just one second... I'm quite jealous they don't make a human version of these! Honestly, what feels better than being cocooned in your favourite blanket or wrapped up in your duvet like a burrito? That's what I imagine wearing one of these feels like. Again, recommended by vets, they come in a variety of sizes but make sure to measure your dogs chest first to ensure a snug fit for best results.


I know, I'm going on about it again but I truly cannot tell you how positive it is for our dogs to be using their brain and above all else... being curious! I'm no Cesar Milan but to quote the man himself, it's the best state our dogs can be in when they're at ease, sniffing and trying to figure something out. Not only will this distract them from the scary loud bangs going on outside, but when paired with some tasty treats and given at the right time, it will subconsciously develop a positive association to the noise of fireworks as they will begin to relate it to play time, fun and food!

Pet Remedy Atomiser

Similar to the Adaptil Plug In, the Pet Remedy Atomiser is a natural way of tackling stress and anxiety by working alongside the brain's neurotransmitters. It's battery operated meaning you do not need to have access to a plug socket when in use, and it is effective on all mammals which makes it ideal for multiple-furbaby-households. This is something I've managed to stock myself as I love it so much so head over to my store now and enter code "blog10" for 10% off as my thank you to you!

Pets Purest Calming Pro.

We all know how important it is to support small businesses right now and that is part of the reason why I'd like to support Pets Purest, Calming Pro drops but, above all else, I absolutely love their ethos and foundations for business. They're pet owners who know what pet owners want : Safe & Effective. 100% Natural. Cruelty free. No nasties. You only have to look at their reviews to see how far such strong morals have got them.

Arden Grange Liver Paste.

Remember what I said in my previous post about how the treats we give our dogs should be a high value reward? Well this stuff is the epitome of what I was talking about! Used correctly, this liver paste can really help build that positive association towards fireworks and help our dogs realize that they're really not that bad... especially when this level of reward comes out of the cupboard. You can buy them in 3 , 6 or 12 packs.

I hope that's helped a little bit and you feel somewhat more prepared for the approaching firework season! Let me know in the comments which one was your favourite or what helps put your fur baby at ease and hopefully, together we can help each other out. Beth X

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