Meet and Greet

30 Mins


I understand how scary it can be for you to leave your dog with a new walker for the first time, which is why I always begin by meeting you both first for a quick, informal chat and to get to know you both a little better, to put your mind at ease.

30 Minute Dog Walk

30 Mins


30 minute dog walk to allow your dog to stretch their legs. Ideal for older and smaller dogs.

1 Hour Dog Walk

60 Mins


60 minutes of play to give your best friend the exercise they need!

Pet Sitting, Packages and Additional Dogs

The prices given are for one dog on a 'one-off' or 'walk-by-walk' basis. If you're looking for more frequent walks our packages might work better for you bringing the cost of the individual walk down. Likewise, discounts are offered for additional dogs from the same home. Contact us for more info or to enquire regarding pet sitting.